What we do

  • Bonny Doon Environmental Systems, Inc. (BDES) participates in all phases of on-site wastewater system projects.
  • We refer and work closely with design professionals in preparing appropriate on-site wastewater treatment and recycling system designs.
  • We provide technical and operational information to the regulatory community in general and as related to specific projects.
  • Contractors are certified by BDES for the installation of AdvanTex┬« wastewater treatment systems and a qualified list can be provided. Our staff performs installation inspections to assure appropriate installation.
  • BDES performs the ongoing maintenance and monitoring for the systems and reports to the appropriate regulatory authority, as needed.
  • Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and very professional approach to delivering on-site wastewater treatment and recycling system services for the long term. This is within the context of an overall movement toward decentralized wastewater management.
  • We endeavor to help raise the bar in this industry as a whole.